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Welcome to our new web site, which now contains the entire practices of Atrius Well being – Dedham Medical Associates, Granite Medical Group, and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates – and information about VNA Care. One in 10 folks with a Medicare card choose to choose out of the brand new My Health Report digital well being system, however Division of Health officers say the results are consistent with expectations. You may read the complete report at Ms. Palin indeed had the correct to fire Monaghan, which was by no means in dispute-he served at her pleasure. As you observe the report finds that Palin violated Alaska Statute 39.fifty hundred ten(a) of the Alaska Govt Department Ethics Act.

As an avid follower of politics for over 45 years, I can say with absolute confidence that their has by no means been a candidate for nationwide office in this time who is more mentally unfit to be POTUS than McCain. Give him an opportunity, & he’ll complete his mission of destroying our economy, our surroundings, our worldwide alliances, and our civil rights. We service the needs of a wide range of well being care providers in varied office settings and specialties.

Sarah Palin’s abuse of power stems from her INACTION, meaning she did little or nothing to cease her husband Todd from pushing the difficulty. Do you at least acknowledge that the report says she violated the Ethics Act and abused energy? In that case, you’re extra trustworthy than Sarah Palin. I doubt you’re registered Republican and supported John SIDNEY McCain “until” he picked Sarah LOUISE Palin. JakeD – I’ve read your posts. You try to twist words the identical approach Palin tries.

The fact is, Palin can be the WORST V.P. this country has ever seen. I am astonished by what number of uninformed, “LAZY” people who do not do their homework on the candidates, say that Palin would be a better V.P. than Biden. Who’s more experienced here? And if expertise is not the actual question, then why do these “die-onerous” Republicans make this reality their primary defense with regards to McCain vs. Obama. This whole article is about the truthfulness of Palin’s assertion at the high of the web page through which she claims that the report cleared her “of any authorized wrongdoing, any hint of any form of unethical activity”.

A greater question would be did Palin learn the report. Now, quote Finding Number Two and attempt to make the argument that she broke the regulation. I have OTOH argued that the Report, as a complete, cleared Gov. Palin of any authorized wrongdoing and any trace of moral activity. Palin improperly used her workplaces and the powers of the state to pursue a private vendetta. Based on the statute, by doing so Palin violated the general public trust. That is indeniable.