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The Ministry of Health has overall responsibility for ensuring that high quality, appropriate, value efficient and timely well being providers are available for all British Columbians. Sarah Palin scares me. Her campaigns remind me of the previous South – the only factor lacking is her white hood. We provide health plans for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. They’re referred to as Dual Eligible Special Wants Plans. For all the McCain supporters, eight years ago the world was amazed that the USA voted for Bush. 4 years in the past it became a joke. If McCain with Palin as running mate will get to be the brand new president I can tell you nobody will take you critically anymore.

If people differ with Pres Obama on policy, fantastic. But to not confer the customary honorary diploma, or for a school official to boycott the ceremony, exhibits a disrespect for the office of the President that stuns me. The President of the United States is speaking at your institution – these ticky-tack acts of disrespect, no matter who holds the office, are ugly and childish. In my opinion, the creator of the report actually made a stretch in attempting to indicate Palin violated the ethics code.

Perhaps if you happen to had actually READ the report, you’ll see that she didn’t lie since she was cleared of any improper or illegal (which necessarily contains unethical) exercise as to Monegan’s firing. So, mainly it is childish partisanship. Final time I checked everybody(both Democrat or Republican) is American, every American ought to respect their President, the office he holds and the immense tasks that come with it. It is loopy to complain about wrongs you are feeling were performed to Pres. Bush, and conclude: I didn’t vote for Obama, so I should treat him the same means I feel Democrats handled Pres. Bush.

It’s disturbing to know that individuals have already made up their minds regarding their vote. You’re an American and you need to take pride and interest within the leaders of our country. These are the people who will represent us with different nations. These are the individuals who will resolve what happens to our economy and our health care. This isn’t a simple job and each assertion and action needs to be weighed heavily before we make any selections on November 4th.

I can only hope that Alaskans now KNOW, for sure, that Palin is NOT match to be elected their canine-catcher not to mention their Gov. She is inflicted with what is usually known as ‘CONGENITAL LIARS’ illness and folks BY NO MEANS get better from that. So if Alaskans did NOT realize when she answered questions asked on the Gibson and Couric interviews, they should haven’t any question now with Branchflower’s report about her fitness or capability to be in public workplace there or anyplace else on this nation.